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The Hunter Boot

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The Hunter boot features an inverted hand stitch split toe detail and is made on our almond last for a more refined and sleek design. It’s bold, it’s different and it really screams out ‘hey, look at this damn boot!

Designed to wear on any occasion, you can pair this Boots with a nice suit, chinos, flannel trousers or jeans. This shoe is built for comfort, classically constructed with Blake Welt Stitch soles and a soft leather insole with a memory gel heel insert for extra cushion.


  • -This product is only available in limited quantities and will be offered until it reaches capacity or the campaign ends. Whichever happens first.


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"Entrusted to the hands of the antique finisher, the upper part of the shoe becomes a work of art". The technique used to achieve this work of art is known as 'Anticatura'. Anticatura is Italian for antique finishing, it is a speciality of Italian and French master shoemakers.

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Why pay more if you can wear it for less !!