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May 26, 2017

Here's the deal guys I've been searching & searching for the perfect polo to throw on to substitute my usual casual shirts. I've tried to accomplish the look many times before but have always felt a little off mostly due to the fact that the polo shirts I have tried to pull the loom off with have been of a lower quality and for one they are short sleeve and for two due to the fact that they are cheaper shirts they usually always have very floppy collars the don't usually sit up well if I've wanted them to.

I did some research online and most of the higher end brands carried long sleeve ones with buttons on the cuff and great spread collars that actually did a great job on standing up and not flopping down.

The only issue was that the price range was a little over my budget and I wasn't really convinced on paying $150 for a polo shirt it seemed to me to be a bit of a stretch. I did some more digging and luckily, I stumbled upon a brand on Instagram called ‘Kent Wang’ now let me tell you I was pretty stoked when I came across these guys especially because they not only had the polos I was looks for but the polos also had a barrel cuff, sort of like what you see on a dress shirt. Which to me it absolutely adds a bit of flair to the shirt not only does this allow for you to really dress up a look to a certain extend but it also allows for you to dress it down by simply removing your jacket or coat and rolling up the sleeves as if were a casual dress shirt.


I quickly picked up 3 colors form their Ruby collection light blue, Navy & Grey. Right off the bat at first glance I noticed that the collars weren't flimsy at all and were pretty sturdy in general. Another thing that I really enjoyed about these is that they come with thick mother of pearl buttons on the cuff as well as on the collar. Now if you’re not familiar with MOP buttons there basically a classic detail favorited by high-quality shirt makers. Made from the inner layer of pearl oysters (also called nacre), they have a little more depth of color than plastic resin buttons. Which give the polo shirt a step ahead kind of feel & is so much easier to dress up.

Also, the way that they fit is outstanding not only do they sit on your body very comfortably but they look very timeless and classic as well. They don't look super tight to the body which is a plus in my book simply because I like to feel comfortable in my clothing. I have a saying that says ‘In order to look great you need to feel comfortable in your clothes and not have them feel as if you can't breathe in them. If you’re not comfortable then that kind of shows and it's very difficult to feel great. On the other hand of your comfy in well fitting clothes that you could wear all day then looking great just becomes second nature. Also, the sleeve length is perfect for my liking and the arm width as well.

So, in a nutshell you want to go with a polo shirt that doesn't look very cheap, you don't want to look like a department store was having a sale on polos so you decided to pick up a couple polos haha. But rather you want it to look very intentional as if you knew this was going to look great & it was done on purpose, and that's where the barrel cuff and mother of pearl come into play to give it that touch and feel. Oh, and remember you want it to look effortless, be rather confident and relaxed when wearing this to give off that “I WOKE UP LIKE THIS LOOK” ;)




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